Learn Hacking Using Social Engineering

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Learn Social Engineering Attacks


1 total hour

  • This course will teach you the most common social engineering threats and how to protect yourself and your systems from social engineering attacks.

    You'll learn how to perform attacks on targets using a wide variety of sites and tools, and develop payloads that effectively compromise the system.

    By the time you've completed this course, you will have a strong knowledge about social engineering.

    • Create Undetectable Backdoors for Windows.
    • Create Evil Files that look and function like normal files.
    • Create a Fake Login Page and use it to Steal Login Information.
    • How to Exploit Browsers with BeEF Framework.
    • Gain Full Control over the Target Machine using Evil Files.
    • Perform the Attacks Outside the Local Network.
    • How to Create a Phishing Email.
    • Learn Different Techniques to Protect Yourself.
    • Desire to learn.
Juravlea Nicolae
Juravlea Nicolae
Security Enthusiast & IT Consultant

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