Build NodeJS applications with Mongodb

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Build NodeJS applications with Mongodb


4.5 total hours

  • What is this course about?

    Nodejs, the most popular server side framework (runtime)

    Why should I join this course?

    The largest companies in the world like PayPal, Uber, etc are switching to the technologies taught in this course. Join this course to upgrade your knowledge and be prepared for the future.

    What's the teaching methodology?

    This course follows a project driven approach , and at the end of the course, you must have built a complete web application from scratch.

    What topics are covered in the course?

    • Nodejs

    • Express framework

    • Mongodb

    • Mongoose ODM

    • Express sessions

    • Mongoose data validation

    • Express Middleware & Request interception

    • User authentication and authorization

    • Dynamic views with templating engines

    • Model View Controller design pattern

    • Password security and hashing

    • Mongoose model hooks

    And so so much more !!!

    • Build high quality applications built with Node, Express and MongoDB
    • Storing data with Mongodb database
    • Use cutting-edge ES6/ES7 JavaScript
    • Create Express web servers
    • Learn user sessions and authentication in nodejs applications
    • Communicating with a mongodb database using mongoose ODM
    • Basic understanding of the javascript programming language
    • Understanding of HTML & CSS
Kati Frantz
Kati Frantz
Full stack software engineer

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