Flutter API & JSON Course Build Real ios&Android(4 Real App)

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Flutter API & JSON Course Build Real ios&Android(4 Real App)


3.5 total hours


Welcome to this (Flutter API & JSON Course Build Real ios&Android(4 Real App))App Development Course. In This Flutter Course Students Will Learn How to complete a Real World ios and Android App Using JSON Data and API.

When you will Complete This Course. Here is Some Lists That You Are Going To Learn:

  • Flutter Weather App

  • Flutter Sunrise and Sunset Time Finder App

  • How to get Json Array Data

  • How to get Json Map Data

  • How to get Complex Query

  • Flutter Navigation Drawer

  • Flutter AppBar

  • Flutter Material Design

  • Flutter Card View

  • Flutter Widget

  • Flutter Row and Column

  • Flutter ListView Builder

  • ios and Android App Development Using Flutter

  • You Will Build Real World Flutter Application.

  • You Will Learn Flutter Horizontal Listview

  • You Will Learn Flutter Vertical ListView

Sign Up Today And You Will Learn:

  • How To Become a Flutter Developer

  • How To Work With JSON Data

  • How To Work With API

  • How To Work With Complex API Data

  • How To Develop A Complete ios and Android App

  • How To Develop Weather App

  • How To Develop Sunrise Find Timer App

Here is Some Feedbacks about my courses from my Students:

  1. "I wanted an app development course that would show what is really important and that is what I got. I learned all features of Android for becoming Android developer. Certainly would recommend the course. "

  2. "Best android apps development course so far. First I learn basic of all android components. After that I learn how to develop real world android apps for client and App Store. I mostly like all firebase sections of this course. Instructor shows how to develop real world apps using firebase. After complete this section I learn a lot about firebase and I build many real world android apps. Thanks for your course."

  3. "Best Android development course I have taken so far. The teacher has amazing teaching skills. He has the ability to describe all parts very clearly on a step-by-step basis. Highly recommended! "

  4. "Very well made course about Android Development. Will continue and hope to learn a lot more. I am very happy with what I have learned so far!"

  • You Will Build Flutter Weather App Using Weather API
  • You Will Build Flutter Sunrise and Sunset Time Finder App Using Json Data
  • Work With Complex API
  • Flutter Real World App for ios and Android
  • Flutter Material Design
  • You Will Build 4 Flutter App Using API
  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer
  • Android Studio or Any other IDE
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Code Class Online
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