Make Four Projects From Scratch: CSS And HTML

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Make Four Projects From Scratch: CSS And HTML


5.5 total hours

  • General Overview

    If you are an aspiring web developer hoping to get a deeper understanding of CSS, this course will  take your skills to the next level.

    All of these projects below will help you better understand some of the more complicated concepts in CSS. 

    For example, you will become more familiar with how to use variables, functions, box-shadows as well as how to use more complicated CSS properties such as animation and transform. 

    The projects in this course are made using pure CSS: no knowledge of javascript is required.


    1. A tapping hand

    2. A penguin

    3. A ghost with glowing orbs

    4. A chest with three drawers

    • How to create drawings and special effects using CSS
    • How to use the more complicated properties in CSS
    • A basic understanding of HTML and CSS
Eric Tam
Eric Tam
Software Developer

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