Master C# & .NET Debugging with Visual Studio 2019

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Master C# & .NET Debugging with Visual Studio 2019


1.5 total hours

  • This course teaches you and shows you how to use the Visual Studio 2019 that have a very powerful debugging features to hunt down and find tough bugs.

    You will  be surprised that Visual Studio contains super powerful debugging features that are invaluable when hunting down tough bugs. During this course we will learn exciting tips and tricks as Debugging with threads ,Different Breakpoints types and much more is explained.

    We even take a look at some of the new cool features in Visual Studio 2019

    • Debugging C# and .Net Applications
    • Master using Visual Studio 2019 debugger
    • Basic knowledge of c# and .Net Framework
Badran Yahyaoui
Badran Yahyaoui
Software Engineer & developer

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