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Swift Basics: Learn to Code from Scratch For Beginners(2020)

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Swift Basics: Learn to Code from Scratch [For Beginners]


2 total hours

  • Welcome to the Swift Basics Course where we aim to start learning about Swift Programming from SCRATCH !!

    Do you ever wanted to try out programming but didn't know where to begin? Want to learn Swift Programming so that you can create beautiful iPhone and iPad applications? You have come to the right place. Swift is a fast growing programming language for developing iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS applications. This course is designed for complete beginners who have no programming knowledge.

    You don't need any past programming experience and/or mobile app development experience in any programming language to take this course, we will learn to Code Swift from Scratch. If you have a bit of programming background that's great, you'll catch up fast with Swift.

    This Course Focuses on:

    Use of Xcode's Playground Environment - Learn to use Playground which is very powerful Interactive work Environment for Swift Programming

    Swift Variables and Constants - Learn the basics of Variables, Constants and their Data Types in Swift

    Operators in Swift - Learn how to use various operators in Swift that includes Arithmetic Operators, Compound Assignment Operators, Comparison Operators and Logical Operators.

    Characters and Strings - Learn to manipulate Strings and Characters in your code and different functions associated with them.

    Collection Types in Swift - Learn about Arrays and Dictionaries in Swift and how to use them. Also learn about different properties associated with them.

    Swift Control Flow - This section deals with iterators and conditionals. Learn to use while loops, repeat while loops and different For-in Loops in your Swift Programs.

    Swift Functions - Finally, we will learn about Functions, how to create them, pass parameters to a function and get return values from a function.

    Additional Perks: We will create a Coin Tossing iOS Application for your iPhone

    By the end of this course, you will be well versed with:

    • Swift Fundamentals

    • Variables and Conditions in Swift

    • How to use Operators in Swift

    • Creating Functions & Loops

    • And you will be ready to create your first iOS App

    • You would have created a Simple Coin Tossing App yourself

    To get the most out of this class, code along with me or after completing the video code by yourself and run your code to know how it works. This course is optimised to run all the functions in Swift 4 and Swift 5. If you get stuck anywhere, don't worry you can search for the errors online and I am sure you will find a solution. And I am always here to help you out.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Get Started Right Now and Learn about Swift Programming!

    • Swift Programming Basics all the way upto a level where you are ready to create your first iPhone Application
    • Use Swift Programming Language for building Apps
    • Swift Fundamentals
    • Confident in writing Swift Code
    • Create a Coin Tossing iOS App
    • Students will be ready to publish their app on the App Store
    • Absolutely No Programming Experience Needed - We'll start from Scratch
Rudra Jikadra
Rudra Jikadra
iOS Developer | Programmer | Teacher

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