Life Transformation Blueprint - Your Personal Growth Plan

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Life Transformation Blueprint - Your Personal Growth Plan


2.5 total hours

  • A Step by Step Guide to creating a life you're passionate about living





    And how about ...

    • Learning expert tips and tools to Achieve any goal?

    • Possessing a Life Mastery Blueprint that actually works LIKE CLOCKWORK?

    • Learning Scientifically backed life transformation techniques?

    • Receiving ACTION STEPS that help integrate the life changing lessons?

    • Learning powerful process that changes every key area in your life?

    If you want to finally learn the secrets to creating a life you want to live

    -- a step by step

    -- private group assistance

    sign-up to the new Ultimate Life Mastery Course, today.

    This Unique Udemy course offers a specific blueprint of 15 fundamental steps that will create your NEW LIFE

    --  a simple system, without Any fluff --

    Just value packed video tutorials, with fun, easy-to-remember information, tools and techniques.

    This course is especially designed to make the principles…





    We know this is KEY to your achievement.

    If you’ve taken other Personal Growth courses and found them to be over complicated, too long, too technical, more like study programs…and at the end… very little life change? 

    It's probably down to (amongst other things) information overload!

    Which is a total waste of time, energy and life.

    Because learning and applying scientifically proven principles bring about major increases in every key area of life.

    Check out some of my reviews, and see for yourself how other people are already experiencing great life changes after taking the Ultimate Life Mastery Course.



    ★★★★★ "This was a great experience. After taking a few self development courses online and offline, this one was easy to follow, simple enough to understand and practical enough to see quick results. I loved the discussion videos, it was a nice touch in clarifying some points. Great course guys." H.Baldwin

    ★★★★★ "I would say this is the best and most simple life mastery course on Udemy. Practical and easy-to-follow, just what I wanted" Tammy. D.

    ★★★★★ "A Serious course! I learned a lot. It's funny, the lessons are relatively simple but so relevant to life change. The blueprint is solid and if followed will change the course of your life. The modules were light and clearly explained, visually interesting and engaging. The information was applicable, and enabled me to start taking action immediately. I also liked the Subliminal affirmation MP3 downloads. This course should be priced much higher for the value it gives"  R. Shelby



    My name is Ghramae Johnson (the average to awesome guy), I’m the coach behind hundreds of life transformations and the author of the acclaimed (No.1 Amazon Bestseller) Growth Mindset Secrets book.

    My coaching career started nearly two decades ago. For many of those years, I've successfully transformed every aspect of my life into a dream life of extreme happiness and financial freedom. With the flexibility, energy and freedom to work and play anywhere I choose. With time being a mere tool.

    I’ve crafted my life so that my gifts are expressed through my occupation to those in need.

    And my desires are manifested through a blueprint that works like clockwork.

    Now, let me add - I don't like fluff, or wasting precious time on stuff that, simply doesn't work.

    There are 2 reasons why I believe these principles work...

    • I've turned my life around and sustained it by using them

    • I've helped turn countless of students & clients live lives they're passionate about

    I have absolutely NO DOUBT that you can start designing your life, on purpose, when you have the right principles at hand.

    I also believe Life Mastery is THE MOST POWERFUL and BENEFITIAL(but little known) skill ANYONE can have. 

    And I’m excited to share what’s worked for me and countless others throughout the years, WITH YOU.

    It’s doesn't matter what you want to achieve or how big your dreams are.

    It’s ALL ABOUT your commitment to achieving your goal and applying life changing principles.

    It doesn't matter if you have

    1. low self esteem,

    2. lack self confidence,

    3. no knowledge of self development,

    4. young or old,

    5. parent or single,

    6. no goals or little motivation,

    7. can’t focus, and procrastinating .

      All or none of the above.

    Even if you’re a seasoned self helper or a life coach, this course can become the difference between, a good idea and real results.

    From novice to professional, this is an option to follow a simple blueprint that is designed to turn up the heat of your happiness level in every area of your life.

    If you want to create a life you love, it all comes down to increasing the wellness levels in all of your live’s key areas (not just one area). Start holistically increasing your relationships, social, physical, career, business, intimacy, health, home and lifestyle.

    That’s right, every area.

    When you can overcome life's obstacles, and make the required life changes.

    Endless possibilities in your life become wide open to you.

    So, quite frankly, this course is definitely for you if you are

    -- serious about changing your life for the better.

    -- serious about wanting to possess the principles that allow you to live well on purpose

    -- serious about being able to understand your life and know where to make the adjustments.

    And I'm going to walk you through the exact steps I took to create my awesome life.

    • By providing you with practical exercises, I show you how to implement each lesson so that it produces real results.

    • I've shot discussion videos for each module that clarifies and expands upon certain lessons within the module.

    • I provide you with some Subliminal affirmation mp3's to assist you with embedding positive statements into your mindset - rewiring your brain for success.

    • I give you a unique 3 step system that’ll effortlessly maintain the life you create, which is missing from most ‘life change’ courses

    So, if you want to look back in 6 months at your amazing big life change , do yourself a favour and sign-up Today!

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    • The key ingredients to responsibility
    • Why the past holds the key to future success
    • How simple re-frames can change the course of your life forever
    • Discover your hidden superpowers that literally change your reality
    • Understand the simple structure of your life
    • Increase the well being in any area of life
    • Increase your certainty in your ability to become happy, joyful, fulfilled and excited about your entire life
    • Learn the art of setting and achieving any goal
    • Access your heart to reveal your deepest desires
    • Uncover the process to become highly motivated, at will
    • Learn to identify limiting beliefs and replace them with unlimiting success beliefs
    • Learn to guard your most valuable asset (that isn’t spoken about often)
    • Learn a simple 3 part formula that effortlessly maintains the good aspects of your life
    • Formula to crafting a short, sharp, lazer focused intention statement
    • Become excellent at accumulating more energy
    • How to draft experts into your support team
    • A Phone or laptop, a comfy seat and an open mind
    • There are no other requirements... why not give it a go?
Ghramae Johnson
Ghramae Johnson

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