The Ultimate Advanced Laravel Pro course (incl Vuejs)

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The Ultimate Advanced Laravel Pro course (incl Vuejs)


12 total hours

  • Have you been looking for an advanced laravel course

    Have you been searching for a course that will teach you the advanced core features of the LARAVEL framework

    Have you wondered how to build and deploy a REAL WORLD APPLICATION ?

    Have you searched for a tutorial to learn the advanced concepts of LARAVEL and VUEJS ? the best PHP framework and the best FRONTEND JAVASCRIPT FRAMEWORK ?

    Well, I've got good news for you. Search no more. 


    The LAST LARAVEL COURSE you will ever need. This course covers advanced features of the laravel framework, with a deep dive into the source code of the framework, explanation of the core concepts and design patterns in the framework itself.

    Some of the advanced features covered in this course in full detail are:

    • Implicit and explicit Route model binding
    • Feature and unit testing 
    • Advanced test driven development techniques
    • Mailing
    • Laravel Queue system
    • Deployment of Laravel projects
    • Advanced database queries 
    • Deep dive into Redis database management and usage
    • Testing Redis database
    • Extending and customizing Laravel
    •  Advanced features of laravel collections
    • Extending laravel blade engine
    • Custom exception handling in laravel applications
    • Custom middleware files and groups
    • Email verification systems

                      And so much more !!! 

    We would also learn how to build laravel applications with a vuejs frontend, and some of the features and concepts we would cover in Vuejs are :

    • Advanced understanding and usage of the vue instance
    • Declarative and conditional rendering 
    • Vue parent and child components communication
    • Event buses and event handlers
    • Exception handling and asynchronous vuejs
    • Sweet alert integration
    • Class and style bindings
    • Data driven DOM manipulation and updates
    • JavaScript core data manipulation techniques
    • Communication and state management with Laravel backend

                And so so so much more !!!

    My name is Kati Frantz, and I am the creator of the best and highest rated Laravel course here on udemy for complete beginners, and I am famously known for my complete project based approach of teaching. 

    We would be building a complete SAAS application from scratch to deployment. This application would be a clone to the popular Laracasts site, and as time goes on , we would continue to extend and add new features to this application. 

    So come along with me on this journey to becoming a professional Laravel developer, building world class applications. Thank you so much, and see you in the course.


    • You will learn how to build laravel applications using TDD
    • You will learn how to build advanced vuejs applications with a laravel backend
    • You will learn how to integrate the stripe api into laravel and / or vuejs applications
    • You will learn how to work on a real world full stack backend application with git
    • You will learn how to deploy and manage a laravel application in production
    • You should have the basics of php object oriented programming
    • You should have the basics of the laravel framework
    • You should have the very basics of the Vuejs framework
Kati Frantz
Kati Frantz
Full stack software engineer

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