Testing Ruby with RSpec: The Complete Guide

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Testing Ruby with RSpec: The Complete Guide


7.5 total hours

  • Welcome to Testing Ruby with RSpec: The Complete Guide!

    This course offers a comprehensive overview of the RSpec testing library for the Ruby programming library. RSpec is the most popular Ruby Gem of all time, with over 300 million downloads to date.

    If you're new to the topic, testing is the practice of "writing code that confirms that other code works as expected". Tests control for regressions, which are changes to the code that break the program.

    The benefits of testing extend outside of the codebase. Adopting a test-driven approach will also make you a better developer. Tests force you to think critically about the program and its features: the classes, the objects, the methods and more.

    Testing Ruby with RSpec begins with the essentials and proceeds to more complex topics including:

    • Installation

    • Project Initialization

    • Test-Driven Development (TDD)

    • let variables

    • before and after Hooks

    • Subjects

    • Shared Examples

    • Shared Context

    • Built-in Matchers

    • Mocks and Doubles

    • Instance Doubles

    • Class Doubles

    As a software engineer and consultant who's worked with Ruby for several years, I'm excited to introduce you to the awesome RSpec library, its elegant syntax, and all of its fun quirks.

    Thanks for checking out the course!

    • Utilize test-driven development principles to design and implement clean test specs in Ruby
    • Master the syntax and structure of RSpec, the most popular Ruby Gem for testing
    • Reduce dependencies in your test suite by mocking objects with class and instance doubles
    • Explore the wide collection of RSpec matchers available to test your code
    • Intermediate knowledge of the Ruby programming language (classes, objects, data structures, etc)
    • Modern version of Ruby (>2.4)
    • Text editor (VSCode is recommended)
Boris Paskhaver
Boris Paskhaver
Software Engineer | Consultant | Author

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