Modern Web Bootcamp, Design with PHP, SASS, CSS-GRID & FLEX

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Modern Web Bootcamp, Design with PHP, SASS, CSS-GRID & FLEX


26 total hours

  • Welcome To Modern Web Bootcamp, Design With Sass, PHP, CSS-GRID, Flex, and Bootstrap. Learn how to use Node js, NPM, and PHP!

    This course will offer around 100 lectures and lifetime access to more than 21 hours of HD quality videos at this moment.


    • You will learn PHP front to Back from the beginning

    • Basic HTML, CSS and PHP skills are desirable, but anyone basically can follow me on this course. No need for buying any extra software, your computer and text editor for writing the code will be sufficient.

    • You Will learn about Flexbox and CSS-Grid from the begining


    The aim of this course is to help anyone that wants to create stunning websites for its business or as a portfolio page so you can attract more customers.

    This course will help everyone that wants to learn how to create modern and fancy websites. There will be 3 crash courses at the moment and I’m planning to create more crash courses in the future.

    So Have you have been taking courses that are not up to date or courses that after finishing them you will immediately know that is not what they promised to be in the promo video?

    Great news: Then This Is The Right Course For You!

    This course if for every IT developer working or for every student out there that want to land is its dream job. It will take you from the basics until the very advanced stages of designing and programming.

    Welcome to the best and “Modern Web Bootcamp, Design with PHP, SASS, CSS-GRID & FLEX, course ever”.

    This is the most advanced, the most modern, and the most up to date course ever on this platform. It’s everything you need to become master and advance your career as a graduate student, junior developer or programmer.

    Look at the end of why I create this course to be for everyone.

    There are multiple parts to this course.

    1. The first part is for absolute beginners in PHP, starting from the basics like variables, to handling errors and creating simple CRUD application.

    2. Second is designing layouts with Flexbox highly used by Boostrap

    3. The third part is CSS-GRID

    4. The fourth part is creating a modern website for your portfolio or company needs

    What You Will Learn in this course

    1. You will learn about the Bootstrap framework and how to use the 12 column grid system.

    2. You will learn how to create a very important build process with installing Nodejs and NPM packages

    3. You will learn how to create animations with @keyframes

    4. Transitions and Transforms

    5. You will learn how to add video in the background

    6. You will learn about opacity, visibility z-index and much more

    7. Box-shadow and Text-Shadow

    8. You will create a responsive website and payouts with media query

    9. You will learn how to use NPM and install packages

    10. You will learn how to use CSS GRID to create layouts very fast

    11. Sass and components

    12. Complete Folder structure and organization

    13. Fixed menu on the top

    14. Checkbox hack for the menu

    15. Parent, Child relationship

    16. BEM methodology

    17. CSS pseudo-class

    18. You will learn how to position items old with the absolute positioning and new way with CSS GRID and Flexbox

    19. You will learn about PHP Object-Oriented Programming

    20. You will learn about Classes in PHP

    21. Sessions and Cookies

    22. PHP Loops

    23. PHP Alerts

    24. PHP Objects

    25. PHP Polymorphism

    26. PHP Inheritance.

    27. PHP Abstract Classes

    28. Design to fit all kinds of screen sizes

    29. Ions and Fonts

    30. PHPMailer

    31. Composer

    32. Emails Sending and Receiving

    33. Create a database and tables

    34. Store information in the tables using PDO named parameters

    35. Javascript time function

    36. Smooth Scrolling

    37. Wow Js

    38. Animate CSS

    =======================================In future without Time Frame================================================

    1.I will include more crash course like Laravel from the begining

    2. All advanced course I create you will have the chance to see what I will do there with small crash course so if you are intereted then you can continue with your studies with me

    My promise to you?

    I will always try to make you happy during the entire course, maybe sometimes over boring but that’s me. I know that life is hard on its own and everyone has it’s own problems so sharing info about my day and wishing you to be strong and positive is something that I will do in the lectures. It’s never about how much money I will make from this course, it’s what you will get out of this course. So promise that I will update the course constantly and listen to your requests and desires.

    There will be a Q&A section where I want you to be involved and interactive with other students

    My Style

    I like to create things and achieve things that most of the people think that it’s not possible or I’m not able to do this by myself. So don’t be the person that will listen to others and never take the step forward. What i suggest is to listen to what your heart & guts tells you and follow them.

    My Goal

    My goal is to make you a better programmer/designer and developer so you can get your dream job, get more money or even start your eCommerce or any other business with my help.

    So, should you take this course?

    The answer is a big YES YES YES!

    Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

    • Basic HTML, CSS and PHP skills are desirable, but anyone basically can follow me on this course. No need for buying any software, your computer and text editor for writing the code will be sufficient.

    Who this course is for:

    • This course has been created to assist students, IT graduates, IT developers at varying levels of expertise that want to upskill in both Advanced CSS and Advanced PHP PDO

    • Bootstrap framework and how to use the 12 column grid system
    • CSS GRID
    • Flexbox
    • PHP, OOP
    • PHP PDO and MySql Database
    • Align and Justify Content with Flexbox and CSS-GRID
    • Sass, Compile Sass locally
    • Complete Folder structure and organization
    • Transitions and Transforms
    • NodeJs and NPM to install packages
    • BEM methodology
    • Absolute, Relative and Fixed positioning
    • CSS pseudo-class
    • Custom properties ( CSS variables or cascading variables)
    • Animations with @keyframes
    • BEM methodology
    • CSS pseudo-class
    • Classes in PHP
    • Sessions and Cookies
    • PHP Loops
    • PHP Alerts
    • PHP Objects
    • PHP Polymorphism
    • PHP Inheritance.
    • PHPMailer
    • Install packages with Composer
    • Javascript time function
    • Smooth Scrolling
    • Wow Js
    • Animate CSS
    • Basic HTML skills
Rick Sekuloski
Rick Sekuloski
Web Developer and Programmer

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