Mobile Games for Passive Income

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Mobile Games for Passive Income


5 total hours

  • You will learn how to monetise mobile iOS and Android games. Increase installs flow. How to choose and promote games, create marketings assets, use analytics and more interesting things which help you earn good money. With our online tutorials, you'll be amazed how much you can earn with mobile games!

    • Generate income from mobile games
    • How to choose mobile game
    • Which Accounts require for work
    • Develop mobile games without coding
    • Advertising mobile games
    • App Store Optimisation
    • Integrate and work with Analytic and Advertising frameworks
    • Create static and video creatives
    • Setup Advertising campaigns for Chartboost, Facebook and Google Ads
    • Mac or PC capable of internet for creating all accounts
    • Optional: Unity and/or BuildBox software for develop games without coding.
Alex Nee
Alex Nee
Mobile Games Developer

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