Photoshop Basics: For Beginners

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Adobe Photoshop Guide:Create Mobile Icons in Adobe Photoshop


1.5 total hours

  • This course is for designers, developers and product managers interested in creating successful mobile app designs using Photoshop.

    I will be going over the : - basics of Photoshop

                                               - several app icon projects,

                                               - techniques for styling app icons

                                               - and good working practices for making design decisions.

    In this course, students will be provided with a process to produce and improve designs based on best practices. The course is organized by difficulty level – from beginner to more advanced.

    You will be introduced to a pragmatic approach to exploring and creating mobile app designs and saving time during the design process in Photoshop.

    Each chapter will focus on one of the general steps needed to design a successful product according to the organization goals and the user needs. To achieve this, the course will provide detailed hands-on pragmatic techniques to design innovative and easy to use products.

    By the end of the course you will have the skills to successfully create your own beautiful, custom app icon in Photoshop and how to apply best design practices to your design process.

    • Design Mobile Apps in Photoshop
    • Understanding how to design great app icons
    • Learn techniques for styling app icons
    • The best techniques to make good design decisions
    • Have Adobe Photoshop installed on your PC
Mandi's Photoshop Work
Mandi's Photoshop Work

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