Mindfulness: Into The Depths Of Meditation

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Mindfulness: Into The Depths Of Meditation


1.5 total hours

  • Mindfulness is bliss... everywhere bliss.

    The more you dive in, the more it will be revealed to you.

    Mindfulness is right here, right in front of your eyes, as the most intimate part of your life. Yet you cannot see it, you cannot live it, that's why you suffer, you feel confused or feel that something very close to you is missing.

    This course is an adventure towards yourself. It is about becoming more aware... of what? This could be the greatest surprise of your life.

    This course is the first from a series, we'll see how long. You need to take this step by step. Mindfulness is a state, but it is also a process. First you need to learn how to get here. That's why practice is the key to dissipate the clouds of your mind and see the beauty of totality.

    Welcome to the first course, The Present Moment, which is the door to Mindfulness.

    Stay Here!

    • Develop a Greater Sense of Self Awareness
    • Understand The Way Of Meditation
    • Empty Your Mind and Live Totally Here
    • Become More Aware
    • Learn Mindful Open Eyes Meditation
    • Learn Attention-Focused Meditation Techniques
    • Develop an Enjoyable Every Day Meditation Practice
    • Free Yourself From All Anxieties And Depression
    • Be Deeply Connected to Yourself and Others
    • Be Free As a Bird
    • Openness and full attention for learning the way to Mindfulness
Gentiana Bordieanu
Gentiana Bordieanu

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