Make Money Online Selling Domain Names - 2020

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How to Profit From Flipping Domains Easy for Newbies


1.5 total hours

  • How to profit from flipping domain names- Easy For Newbies.

    This course has been designed for both newbies and experienced marketers who want to make a huge amount of money by flipping domain names. Premium domain names go for a lot of money - sometimes millions of dollars and in this course I would show you how to make such money without having to spend as much.

    Who is this course for: 

    1. This course is for you if you are looking to make insane amounts of money online.
    2. This is for you if you have a startup budget of $300-$400.
    3. This is for you if you want to make money online flipping premium domains.

    Course Structure: The course is compact, to the point and vey easy to understand. If you follow the steps and take action this will definitely make you some big money.

    What is included in the course? 

    1. The course teaches you how to buy premium domains for less than $50/domain.
    2. You will learn how to grab premium domains using an external service without having to spend time looking for premium domains.
    3. You will learn how to flip the domains and make profit.
    4. You will learn how to drive more traffic to your domain auctions.
    • Set up a profitable business selling domain names.
    • Buy premium domains for super cheap prices.
    • sell premium domains for heavy profits.
    • Everything is covered in this course, so students don't need to have any previous knowledge.
    • A little bit of knowledge on how much money can domain names really bring in will motivate you to take action.
Angshuman Dutta
Angshuman Dutta
Private Internet Marketing Coach And Business Advisor

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