How to build your startup product ideas from scratch (ZIZO)

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How to build your startup product ideas from scratch (ZIZO)


1 total hour

  • Are you ready to build your next startup? Do you have a problem you want to solve and don't know where to start? Are you a product manager and need methods to be creative yet focused? 

    This course is for startup founders, entrepreneurs, product managers and everyone who is working on building a new product or startup idea.

    The course includes both lectures and workshop assignments you can follow and build your startup ideas along the course. You will learn a design method called ZIZO or Zoom-In-Zoom-Out that helps teams and founders to design and build their ideas in different levels from strategic design and zooming in to detailed user action design. It will help you practice and understand the importance of shifting between perspectives in the design process from high level view to detailed view of your work.

    Throughout the course you will learn how the ZIZO design method can help you:

    - Build your startup and product ideas from scratch

    - Improve and optimize existing product features

    - Help you become a better leader by aligning your team around the three levels of design

    - Communicate your ideas clearly to your management and investors

    The course includes assignments in which you can apply on any idea that you are working on. Students are encouraged to share their work with the ZIZO community on Udemy to get feedback from other students, the course instructors and teaching assistants.

    • A new and proven product ideation method for startups, business owners and product managers.
    • There are no prerequisites for this course.
Illai Gescheit
Illai Gescheit
Entrepreneur and Startup Advisor

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