Lifestyle Choices for Gut Health and Overall Well-Being

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Lifestyle Choices for Gut Health and Overall Well-Being


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Today, it is more difficult than ever to maintain a healthy and functioning body. Unlike our ancestors, we are increasingly exposed to environmental toxins; and living unhealthy lifestyles seems the popular option.

As a result, extra action and conscious lifestyle choices are needed to counter the ill effects of modern life.

Why You Should Enroll in this Course:

  • you will learn the easiest and most important changes recommended for improved health and longevity enabling you to thrive even in difficult times

  • this course lays out and illustrates how allergies and chronic disease are related to gut health and a working immune system of the body

  • you will know how to use state-of-the-art knowledge and hear about research findings of the last 10 to 30 years to counter disease, decay and premature aging usually still treated with often outdated methods developed in the 1950s or so

Chronic disease is at epic proportions today, and health statistics speak a clear language that is not very encouraging for anyone living average lifestyles of too little activity and too much exposure to toxins.

It's Better to Prevent than Treat!

For less than the cost of three tablet packs prescribed to "treat" (or manage) so many of these increasingly common chronic diseases these days, you will be able to develop a more thorough understanding of preventing the root causes of these health problems and how to counter them.

About the Instructor

The instructor in this course is Nigel Howitt. He specializes in natural remedies, organics, and healthy living. He has studied alternative health and sustainable lifestyles for more than ten years and practices what he teaches every day. He is not trained as a medical doctor but is a thinker who has started to learn about health, prosperity, disease prevention and much more, not to overcome existing illnesses but to prevent potential future ones from happening. He loves sharing his knowledge to enable everyone to live a more conscious, healthy and successful life.

Additional details about the instructor are included in the "instructor details" section, first instructor profile entry Nigel Howitt, below.

  • Basic Principles of True Health and the Lifestyle Choices to Make for Achieving It
  • How Today's Common Diseases Are Interrelated to a Set of Health Fundamentals
  • Lifestyle Choices Enabling You to Stack as Many Cards as Possible in Favor of Your Health and Overall Well-Being
  • Main Emphasis in this Course Being Alternative Approaches to Achieving Health with Outside-the-Box Thinking
  • a desire to improve your health, wellness and overall wellbeing, and to thrive by life-long learning
  • a willingness to question the concepts put forward by today's mainstream narrative in the media and their glossy magazines
  • a curiosity of thinking outside the box
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