Fundamentals of Guilloche' Art

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Fundamentals of Guilloche' Art


1 total hour

  • This course is about Guilloche art. You might have seen beautiful intricate patterns in premium Swiss wrist watches. Those are just few of the examples of Guilloche art.

    In this course you will learn about Guilloche art from basics. You will learn fundamentals of Guilloche art, with types, manufacturing, origin and also similar art forms.

    • Understand Guilloche Art
    • Appreciate designs of many premium wrist watches which incorporate Guilloche Art
    • Identify Guilloche art in their everyday lives
    • Try to incorporate the art form in their creative works.
    • One hour time
    • Internet Connection
    • Curiosity and interest to learn
Arjit Raj
Arjit Raj
Mechanical Engineer and Quora Top Writer

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