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Facebook Lead Ads MASTERY (Customer Acquisition on Facebook)


10.5 total hours

  • Discover how to QUICKLY attract a CONSTANT stream of new customers with targeted FACEBOOK MESSENGER ADS, FACEBOOK LEAD GENERATION ADS, and FACEBOOK CONVERSION ADS!

    Dear Students,

    Hi, I’m Tomas Moravek, Internet Efficiency Awarded Digital Strategist and Professional Marketer, here to present my Facebook Lead, Messenger, and Conversion Ads Mastery Guide, so you can benefit from these POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE automated marketing tools.

    Facebook Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads are vital tools for any brand, as they'll help you quickly build a subscriber base of interested potential customers. When you enrol on my course, you’ll receive ALL THE RESOURCES YOU’LL EVER NEED to become an expert in creating, setting up, and using Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads. You’ll get lifetime access and you’ll also receive my REGULAR COURSE UPDATES FOR FREE, forever, so you’ll always be able to stay on top of the latest Facebook Ad techniques.

    FACEBOOK MESSENGER ADS are a superb way to TURBOCHARGE YOUR BUSINESS, and I have found they are brilliant for generating leads. This is because they grab people's attention by encouraging them to check their messages, and because potential customers feel relaxed enough to chat, via the safe platform of Messenger.

    In this course you'll learn how to MASTER MESSENGER ADS and will understand how to use the Messenger Objective to BOOST YOUR LEADS. You'll discover how to set up and use Messenger Ads correctly, and I'll also teach you how to CREATE ENGAGING MESSENGER ADS that make people want to respond to your promotion.

    FACEBOOK LEAD ADS can also help you get many more subscribers to sign up to your newsletters and email marketing. That way you can stay in touch by providing updates on new products or services, announce upcoming promotions or share other details about your business.

    In this course I'll be sharing CASE STUDIES YOU CAN COPY that illustrate the power of Lead Ads, such as when The Royal Danish Theatre used them to attract 47% of its newsletter subscribers.

    Lead ads MAKE IT EASY FOR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS TO CONNECT WITH YOUR BRAND. They make customer engagement a breeze, which in turn encourages more sign ups as when a person clicks your Lead ad on Facebook or Instagram, they'll see a form that's pre-filled with the contact details they've opted to share on Facebook, like their name and email address.

    This makes people much more likely to respond as they don't have to do much work at all, making it super easy for you to capture a whole new audience. These types of Ads can be tightly targeted to ensure you REACH THE RIGHT AUDIENCE AND OPTIMISE YOUR AD SPEND.

    When you enrol, I'll teach you how to make Lead Ads work for you, from initial set up, to selecting your target audience, and creating engaging Ads using visual, video, and text content to ATTRACT CUSTOMERS MAGNETICALLY.

    After you get your leads, you can easily and swiftly follow them up by downloading them from your Page. Alternatively, you can receive them automatically by integrating your email or CRM tool.

    FACEBOOK CONVERSION ADS are yet another tool you need to have in your armoury, if you want to promote your product to the right niche market and turn many more potential leads into sales.

    I’ll teach you how to CREATE MAGNETIC FACEBOOK CONVERSION ADS using engaging images, and copywriting that intrigues, then I’ll show you how to correctly set them up through a handy walkthrough guide you can easily follow. You'll learn how to coreectly set up, install and use the Facebook Pixel and I'll also demonstrate how to smartly target the right customer niche, so you get MAXIMUM returns on your Facebook Conversion Ad spend.

    You'll discover how to use Facebook Conversion Ads to get leads to click through and perform the action you want, whether that's sign up to your newsletter, explore your website, or make a purchase. Facebook Conversion Ads are a POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE SELLING TOOL, but to get the most out of them, you must know how to use them right, otherwise you'll just be throwing your money away.

    With my knowledge, you'll be able to avoid common costly mistakes, and ensure you MAKE EVERY PENNY YOU SPEND ON FACEBOOK ADS WORK ON BEHALF OF YOUR BRAND.

    All the Resources you'll EVER Need to Master Facebook Messenger, Lead, and Conversion Ads

    I've spent so much time compiling this course material, and ensuring it's value-packed. I've stuffed it with informative, high quality original and exclusive content, including over 9 hours of video explainers, handy walkthrough guides, BLUEPRINT CASE STUDIES, tips, tricks, tools, and more.

    Enrol and you'll find you have everything you need to BECOME A MASTER OF FACEBOOK ADS, all laid out clearly for you.

    Sign up and you'll know how to use the latest and most effective way to attract an endless stream of highly engaged leads - Facebook Messenger Ads. You'll discover why, in my experience, they are currently outperforming all the other types of Facebook Ad.

    You'll also learn how Lead Ads can help boost your business through smart customer profiling. You'll be able to PUT MY KNOWLEDGE IMMEDIATELY INTO ACTION and gain a massive increase on your audience for your newsletter or subscriber sign ups, that you can then use as your personal targeted audience to promote to.

    Facebook Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads are critical to expanding your business and are the SECRET WEAPON you'll need if you're looking to EFFORTLESSLY GROW YOUR BRAND.

    In my comprehensive course, I’ve clearly laid out a step-by-step guide to creating multiple different kinds of winning Facebook Lead, Messenger, and Conversion Ads, so you'll always be creating the perfect as to get you MAXIMUM RESULTS.

    Whether your goal is to encourage customers to chat, showcase your coupons or promotions, learn more about your customers, schedule appointments, or gain more sign ups or sales, I'll teach you how to create FACEBOOK ADS THAT GENERATE LEADS AUTOMATICALLY.

    Smartly Automate your marketing

    Using Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads the right way will free up your time and automate a big part of your marketing, a key reason why they're so pivotal to the success of your brand.

    In this easy-to-learn course you’ll find over 9 hours of video explainers, worksheets, blueprints, and downloadable resources that will help you MASTER FACEBOOK LEAD ADS, MESSENGER ADS, & CONVERSION ADS so you can make them work overtime for your business.

    Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads have a variety of applications and are incredibly useful marketing tools. When you know how to use them correctly you can:

    ✔ BOOST your email list with Lead Ads

    ✔ USE THE POWER OF FACEBOOK CONVERSION ADS to get customers to perform any action you want on your website

    ✔ APPLY SMART FACEBOOK LEAD ADS STRATEGIES to get more sign-ups for your newsletter or other email marketing, then learn how to follow up QUICKLY so you can close the deal

    ✔ Converse and CONNECT WITH POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS using interactive Facebook Messenger Ads

    ✔ Alert customers to your promotions and special offers using Messenger Ads to PUSH YOUR PROMOTIONAL NOTIFICATIONS

    ✔ Encourage people to engage or visit your website with POWERFUL Messenger Ads and Lead Ads

    ✔ Use Facebook Messenger Ads to intrigue and PULL IN POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS and make them want to respond to you

    ✔ UNDERTSTAN YOUR CUSTOMERS - Use Lead Ads to ask them about their preferences so you can offer them a tailored experience, build trust, and win more sales

    ✔ Offer your coupons and promotions through Facebook Messenger and Lead Ads - and attract a new audience using this powerful sales technique

    ✔ USE LEAD ADS TO SHOWCASE DEALS, coupons or discounts, and expand your marketing reach, and attract more interest

    ✔ Schedule appointments quickly, AUTOMATICALLY & EFFORTLESSLY using Facebook Lead Ads

    ✔ USE MESSENGER ADS & LEAD ADS to offer your customers a fast and easy way to schedule appointments

    ✔ COLLECT MORE EMAIL SIGN-UPS with Facebook Conversion Ads and Lead Ads

    Wait there's more!

    On top of my comprehensive Facebook Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads training package, you’ll alsoreceive my Golden Keys to Getting even more Clients, including Lead Ad case studies and examples you can easily follow that have been PROVEN TO DELIVER.

    You’ll learn how to incorporate humour in your lead ads so you can connect with customers better, you’ll discover how to use the PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASION for your brands’ benefit, and you’ll be able to learn from my past client’s stories of success by applying their techniques to your business model.

    I’ve really tried to pack this course out with value and have taken care to include all the aspects of Facebook Marketing that will be pivotal to your success. As well as my comprehensive Lead, Messenger, and Conversion Ad training, you’ll also learn:

    ✔ How to Set Up and Use FACEBOOK PIXEL EVENTS – find out why it’s a KEY TOOL FOR BUSINESS GROWTH

    ✔ Why Facebook Conversion Ads are the diamond key to your FACEBOOK ADS MARKETING SUCCESS

    ✔ How to correctly use Facebook Traffic Ads and Facebook Retargeting to MAGNETISE CLIENTS

    ✔ Why your brand reputation is the ULTIMATE GOLDEN KEY to unlocking unlimited success - and how to build a POSITIVE one

    ✔ Facebook Retargeting Strategies to MAXIMISE YOUR AD SPEND and magnetise leads

    This content is worth the price of enrollment alone, as it's stuffed with exclusive PROVEN and TESTED strategies that I typically sell separately.

    Sign up today, and ALL this bonus content will be yours forever, to keep and use, FOR LIFE.


    As soon as you enrol, you'll receive INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS to all my Facebook Messenger Ads, Conversion Ads, and Lead Ads training materials, as well as my FACEBOOK AD BONUS Golden Keys for Success, and bonus Digital Marketing, SEO and Dynamic Ads Guides.

    On top of this, you'll also receive FREE COURSE UPDATES FOR LIFE. As I'm always refining my material, and adding in the latest and most effective techniques and strategies, you'll find there's always something new to discover.

    With my course, you're guaranteed ORIGINAL, EXCLUSIVE CONTENT YOU CANNOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE, plus the latest, cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, so you'll always stay ahead of the game.

    There's absolutely zero risk, as I'm so confident you're going to love my material, I'm offering a no quibble FULL 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if for ANY reason you're not completely satisfied.

    When you complete the training, you'll also receive a FREE UDEMY CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, that you'll be able to immediately download, so you can show off your newly acquired expertise.

    With over 9 hours of high quality video, downloadable Walkthrough guides you can follow step-by-step, To Do lists you can use to check off essential steps, Success Blueprints you can copy, and a raft of other tools, including my FREE MEDIA RESOURCES SHEET, so you can find royalty free content for your Facebook Ads, you'll find this course offers you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BECOME AN EXPERT IN GENERATING LEADS USING FACEBOOK ADS.

    Don't miss being able to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER PRICE, as it won't be around forever.

    Secure your spot by enrolling today, and you'll gain immediate access to a wealth of knowledge that will enable you to UNLOCK THE FULL POWER OF FACEBOOK Messenger, Lead, and Conversion Ads, so you can start enjoying a stream of new leads, sign ups and sales.

    I've put so much energy into making this course and I really can't wait to share it with you,

    Tomas Moravek

    Digital Strategist and Internet Efficiency Award Winner 2016

    • GET MORE CUSTOMERS with effective Facebook Lead Generation Ads that MAGNETICALLY attract interest
    • Harness the POWER of Facebook Messenger Ads - and benefit from this most effective Lead Generation tool
    • USE FACEBOOK CONVERSION ADS LIKE A PRO - to get leads to visit your website and perform the action you want
    • WIN more Sales, Sign ups, and Click throughs with my cutting edge LEAD GENERATION STRATEGIES
    • Use Messenger Ads and Lead Ads to AUTOMATE YOUR MARKETING and effortlessly collect enquiries from potential customers
    • CONNECT BETTER with Facebook Messenger Ads and use automated chat to have a marketing presence 24/7, 365 days a year!
    • LEARN HOW TO USE FACEBOOK PIXEL CORRECTLY to set up Conversion Ads that WIN
    • USE MESSENGER ADS to alert you to customer interest and chat LIVE with your leads
    • USE FACEBOOK LEAD ADS TO PROMOTE - showcase your special deals & promotions!
    • BOOST YOUR EMAIL MARKETING - by using Facebook Lead Ads to gain a stream of subscribers
    • MASSIVELY EXPAND YOUR CUSTOMER REACH by unleashing the FULL POWER of Facebook Lead, Messenger, and Conversion Ads
    • AVOID COMMON MISTAKES AND SLASH YOUR AD SPEND (like not signing special conditions, targeting too widely etc.)
    • MAXIMISE YOUR FACEBOOK MARKETING SPEND - Make every penny work harder for your brand and learn how to smartly target and retarget your Ads to get OPTIMUM RESULTS
    • BONUSES STUFED WITH VALUE- Get my Facebook Ads Strategies FREE when you enrol, plus receive Golden Keys to Unlocking Limited Success
    • FREE LIFETIME UPDATES & ACCESS - all my content is yours to keep - forever
    • Your computer, laptop, touchpad, or other device and an internet connection. This course is SUITABLE FOR COMPLETE NOVICES.
    • NO FACEBOOK MARKETING EXPERIENCE NEEDED - at all. I'll walk you through EVERYTHING YOU NEED to know to become EXPERT in Facebook Messenger, Conversion, and Lead Ads marketing.
    • Hunger to LEARN HOW TO SUCCEED with Facebook Messenger Ads, Lead Ads, & Conversion Ads.
    • NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF FACEBOOK LEAD ADS needed - I'll teach you how to create your 1st Facebook Lead Ad so you can start getting MORE CUSTOMERS IMMEDIATELY.
    • ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF MESSENGER ADS REQUIRED - I'll teach you everything you need to know to set up and use Messenger Ads effectively.
Ing. Tomas Moravek | SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert
Ing. Tomas Moravek | SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert
Awarded SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert

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