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Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs Elearning Online Course


16 total hours

  • (PRIME FEATURE:- Fastest results with "Free" 365*24*7 PRO consultation...(Learn from the World's top 100 awarded digital marketing expert)

    • A whole new level of Facebook ads & Facebook marketing (A TO Z) with advanced growth hacks (Which only PROS know but nobody will tell you)

    • Upgrade your analytics game with in depth coverage on google analytics reports (A TO Z).

    • Get instant results with 80% success rate of Chatbots using my Hyper targeted futuristic pro course on Manychat Chatbots (A TO Z).

    • Achieve 1 Million+ subscribers on YouTube with my Laser focused course on YouTube Marketing.

    • Get 10,000+ followers & sales from Instagram with my Advance hacks on Instagram marketing.

    • Free access to a high converting sales funnel with proven results.

    • Direct access to a well renowned digital marketing expert.(Mohammad Khan)

    • No more overwhelming stuff, no more random strategies, its a completely interconnected system.

    • No more wastage of time & money. Ask me anything, all your queries, all the what, why & how's will be clarified LIVE...)

    What our top students are saying:-

    • Youssef kachtib says "As begginer in this field ï find this course very helpful"

    • Vaibhav Singh says "Best Facebook & Bot Marketing course, it is useful"

    • Margarie says "I like it for sure, a complete marketing system with brilliant detailing & examples."

    • Ramjas Yadav says "Feeling confident about my marketing skills like never before, lots of doubts have been cleared. Mohammad makes marketing really easy."

    • Bikas Ranabhat & Seguer soumia  "they both agree that the content is top notch".

    • Milos Gavranovic asks for more clarity in speaking, which is immediately solved by Mohammad & overall Milos really enjoys the course.

    • Andrei kolozsvari says "Very good! Exactly what I needed to boost sales on my new webshop".

    This Digital marketing online course gives a full proof marketing strategy step by step starting from the very beginning to advance strategies like:-

    • How to come up with a digital marketing idea.

    • Creating a marketing campaign for yourself or client.

    • How to create a sales funnel for different products & services.

    • Super strong in-depth coverage on facebook marketing & facebook ads like:

      1. Learn how long should you run a facebook ad?

      2. How to find whether you should stop running ad?

      3. How many people should see your ad before you make a decision about your ad?

      4. Important factors to decide the success or failure of an ad?

      5. How to find the budget for your ad campaign?

      6. Find when to change the copy of your ad creative?

      7. What is the minimum budget required to run facebook ads?

      8. What is the avg CTR of ads industry?

      9. How many times a person should see your ad before he actually notices it?

      10. This & lot more crazy stuff which you won't find anywhere else.

    • Chase your audience where they live with an extremely powerful coverage on Manychat chatbots.

    • Conversion rate optimization, link building & customer acquisition to increase conversion rate.

    • Social media marketing strategies.(including Google & Facebook ads).

    • Email marketing (Creating email sequence, email copywriting).

    • Using Organic & paid marketing to get more sales.

    • SEO, Blogging & content marketing to bring highly targeted traffic.

    • Use storytelling (step by step system) to engage your blog audience.

    • Connect & work with influencers & big brands with secret public relations and influencer marketing tactics.

    • 100+ secret marketing tools (FREE) to make your life easier.

    • Learn complete marketing analytics with complete google analytics reporting.

    Till now you might have understand that this online course covers a lot on digital marketing but only the stuff which brings results. No bluff, only high quality stuff, which works in today's date.

    This course is designed in such a way that you don't need any college degree or prior experience to start with it.

    Who can join this digital marketing online course:-

    1. Highly recommended for e-commerce, dropshippers, social media marketers & small businesses.

    2. If you're a mom who wants to earn from home while taking care of kids.

    3. If you're a teenage looking to enter into online entrepreneurship & earn from the internet.

    4. If you're just looking for an extra source of income to pay your bills.

    5. If you're a big dreamer looking to enter into serious online business & make real money, you're at the right place.

    6. If you're a freelancer or a work from home expert, then you should definitely try this once & you'll forget about that workload forever.

    7. Tried different online courses but nothing worked, let me tell you this stuff is trusted by many pros of the industry so your success chances are extremely high.

    8. If you're a PRO marketer, I BET you'll learn a whole lot of new stuff...keep learning, keep growing.

    You'll also get these free resources:-

    Lifetime 365*24*7 support by Mohammad. (Exclusive offer, no other instructor offering this).

    Lifetime Access to this 'digital marketing online course + facebook ads'.

    Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section.

    ✔ Direct access to the instructor for your work & future client projects.

    Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download.

    ✔ A 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

    Get the most out of this digital marketing online course by going through each chapter step by step & then doing everything by yourself, then check your growth by yourself, you'll feel the change & confidence yourself.

    No need to worry! Just follow these steps to get a head start and if you get stuck i'm available 365*24*7 days, ask me anything and that too live.

    (Note: For best experience, Learn in a peaceful environment & use headphones/earphones to listen to these lectures).

    • Learn digital marketing the easy way, beginners don't need to take any other marketing course after this.
    • Fastest results with "Free" 365*24*7 PRO consultation for lifetime (No other instructor is offering this)
    • Super strong in-depth coverage on Facebook ads, facebook marketing, Manychat chatbot, Google analytics reporting & lot more.(Specially designed for e-commerce & dropshippers)
    • Top mistakes done by most marketers & their quick fixes - Recommended for e-commerce, dropshippers & marketers.
    • I'm also sharing lots of crazy new resources from my marketing world friends like Neil patel, SME, Larry kim & many more.
    • After this, you'll be able to market your product or business the right way & finally see that money coming in your bank account.
    • You'll easily get hired by big brands to market their products & get paid big time..
    • You can launch your own ecommerce store and sell your products quick & easy.
    • You'll learn to increase your business reach & break into the market with high-end digital marketing tactics.
    • Understand the customers problems which stops them from making a buying decision.
    • Being a PRO marketer you'll love this part, here you'll learn the psychology of how to sell your product & why customers don't buy from you. (developed over the years.)
    • You're about to save a lot of money on marketing & sales.
    • You can scale your small business to new heights by making quick sales & grow big.
    • Covers all marketing sections, you will learn some really cheeky hidden marketing strategies tried & tested by big brands.
    • Learn to decrease your website's bounce rate & increase engagement rate?
    • If you're a Pro marketer, you can learn new marketing strategies for different situations, products, platforms & clients.
    • Your business can easily connect with top notch brands & influencers without spending a dime.
    • You will learn how to easily build a loyal audience which sticks with you for a long time?
    • You just need a computer & internet connection, that's it.
    • A lot of stuff is taught during live chats (By Mohammad)
    • Want to make career in digital marketing, then you're at the right place. It's fun & easy, so Just grab a pen & paper and learn to make money.
    • Really helpful for online entrepreneurs, who know the basic stuff & want to grow quickly.
Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan
World's Top 100 digital Marketing expert, author & speaker

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