"Breath is Life" Breathing & Meditation course

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Breath is Life, Breathing & Meditation course


17.5 total hours

  • The most extensive breathing course available on Udemy. Get a profound understanding of breath work and meditation and learn how to use your breath like a wonderful tool to start controlling all systems in your body. Take care of your mind and how to take the awareness to the Soul level and realize your true nature.   

    (I believe these techniques should be available for everybody, money or no money. If you have no money to do the course you can PM me and we will find a solution)     


                             ” Proper breathing is the foundation of healthy living “ 

                   This breathing course is guided by founder of the Life Awareness Project, Michaël Bijker

    (This course is mostly the same course as the ‘Breath is Life’ Pranayama & Meditation course)
    In this wonderful Yogic breathing (Pranayama),  breathwork and meditation course you will learn how to use the power of the breath to:

    • Clear you mind and sharpen your awareness

    • Increase energy, health and mental balance

    • Energize or calm your body and mind

    • Become aware of the deeper layers of the self

    Techniques learned in this Pranayama breathing course:

    • Explanation about meditation and how to use the breath to still the mind and sharpen the awareness

    • Energy and consciousness awakening breathing technique

    • Yogic Breathing - Open up the energy systems

    • Ocean breathing (Ujjayi Pranayama) - Create inner silence

    • Breath of fire (Bhastrika Pranayama) - Awaken the fire within

    • Energy Locks (Bandhas)

    • Skull cleansing breath - Cleaning of the systems in mind and body

    • Kaki mudra Pranayama - Focusing the mind

    • Energy cleansing technique (Nadi Shodhana/ Anulom Vilom Pranayama)

    • Cosmic Breathing (Pranava Pranayama)

    • Bhramari Pranayama

    • Udgeeth Pranayama - Connecting with a higher Self

    • Guided meditations, breathing and mind training sessions

    • Bandhas (Body/ energy locks)

      This course will give you the tools to tap into the power of the mind and change your life.


    • Learn to use the breath to relax, focus and bring health and vitality in your life. Use the breath as a tool to become a master of mind and body
    • A breathing course for people for anyone wanting to learn profound breathing techniques. From people that are new to breathing practices to yoga instructors or professional athletes. A breathing course for everyone.
Michaël Bijker
Michaël Bijker
Founder of "Life Awareness Project" - YogaLAP

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