Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis using Python

Development · Data Science · Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis using Python


6.5 total hours

  • Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence through machines and mostly through computer systems. Artificial intelligence is a sub field of computer. It enables computers to do things which are normally done by human beings. This course is a comprehensive understanding of AI concepts and its application using Python and iPython.

    The training will include the following;

    • What is Artificial Intelligence?

    • Intelligence

    • Applications of AI

    • Problem solving

    • AI search algorithms

    • Informed (Heuristic) Search Strategies

    • Local Search Algorithms

    • Learning System

    • Common Sense

    • Genetic algorithms

    • Expert Systems

    • Scikit-learn module

    • Learn What is Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence and Applications of AI.
    • Learn Problem solving using AI, AI search algorithms, Informed (Heuristic) Search Strategies.
    • Learn Local Search Algorithms, Learning System, and Common Sense
    • Learn Genetic algorithms, Expert Systems, and Scikit-learn module
    • Basic knowledge of Python
    • Beginner knowledge of Statistics
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