How to Start a Profitable Amazon Dropshipping Business Today

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Amazon Dropship Mastery


10 total hours

  • Dropshipping is great in practice and in theory. It's a phenomenal way to build a passive stream of income with minimal risk. Essentially, what it entails is reselling from either a manufacturer or a retailer. You mark their product up for a profit and then list it on your site. You don't need any inventory. You don't need any warehouses. You only need a minimal amount of start up funds. In this case, that's merely the website's monthly fee. It takes all the risk away from you as a seller, but gives you all the potential for growth.

    Now, of course it's a little more complicated than that. Any dropshipping guru will tell you there are some serious inside tips and marketing strategies to understand before you can make serious money. Typically, you buy their ebook or you sign up for their webinar because you see the results they've gotten in the past. But there in lies the problem! They're already an established dropshipping site with established marketing channels. The same strategy that worked for them doesn't work for you because it's been played out. There's too much competition and too saturated of a market. Sound familiar?

    Thouands and thousands of people have all began using the same overplayed dropshipping methods that are taught by everyone now. It's time to take a different approach on a different platform with the same end goal in mind. If you're just getting into dropshipping in 2017 this course is for you. If you have experience dropshipping, but didn't see the results you were looking for, this course is for you. Amazon Dropship Mastery is a step by step tutorial course that will give you the fundamental dropshipping knowledge you need to be successful with an updated spin.

    You'll Learn:

    1) How to set up your site and optimize it for conversions

    2) How to differentiate your site from the vast array of other dropshipping sites so you can make sales and keep customers happy

    3) Tips and tricks I've learned along the way in my dropshipping journey that will help you make sales

    4) How to identify good products that will sell

    5) Step by step: how to list those products on your site beautifully without much work at all (just as hands off)

    6) Digital Marketing Overview

    7) Driving traffic to your site through Instagram

    8) Driving traffic to your site through Facebook

    9) Driving traffic to your site through YouTube

    10) Optimizing SEO for your site to generate organic traffic and outsourcing SEO

    11) How to automate most of the business so you can focus on the things you love

    • Create a dropshipping website, optimize it for conversions, funnel traffic to that site, and collect the profits
    • Some knowledge of social media and basic knowledge of constructing an e-commerce site
Bryan Guerra
Bryan Guerra
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